One of the best things about conservatories is they allow homeowners to enjoy the outdoors even when it’s cold outside. They provide extra space for dining or entertaining, and they’re a great way to bring the feeling of the garden inside during cold months.

However, conservatories can be tricky to heat throughout winter in the UK, and keeping them warm can be expensive. They can also become uncomfortably warm during the summer months, meaning there is a large amount of the year when your conservatory simply isn’t being used to its full potential.

Just as with houses, there are a number of places in a conservatory where heat can escape. These include through the walls, floor, doors, and windows, but by far the biggest area for lost heat in a traditional conservatory is the roof. Typically, a conservatory roof is made from glass or polycarbonate: neither are very good thermal insulators.

Luckily, conservatory roof insulation is relatively easy and affordable to install and will help keep conservatories at a comfortable temperature all year round.

close up of thermal installationPrevent heat loss with conservatory roof insulation

Insulated conservatory roofs help keep the room warm during winter by preventing heat from escaping through the roof. During the summer months, the same insulation blocks the outside heat from overheating the room too.

Installing conservatory ceiling insulation is a relatively easy and affordable fix, and can be installed for any conservatory, of any shape or size. It’s much quicker and cheaper than replacing the entire conservatory roof – installation only takes one day! – and providing the original structure is solid and free from any leaks, the conservatory roof insulation can be installed on your existing conservatory roof.

You can read about our installation process in more detail, but it typically includes of three main steps:

• Fixings are attached to your existing roof rafter structure by our insulation experts.

• We then add a layer of highly efficient foil insulation and ensure everything is sealed

• To finish, a lightweight decorative cladding is installed as the only visible part of the upgrade.

Our specialist installation team are focused on making life as simple and as stress-free for our customers. Not only is all work carried to the highest standards, but we also aim to have your conservatory roof insulation installed in just one day, minimising the disruption caused.

Other types of conservatory insulation

Heat can be lost (and gained) in a conservatory from a number of different areas. The roof has the biggest impact and can address the biggest issues at a relatively low cost, so should always be the starting point when it comes to insulating a conservatory. But once you have an insulated conservatory roof, there are a number of other areas you can look at to further improve insulation.

Conservatory double-glazing

After the roof, the second biggest area for heat loss in a conservatory is through the windows. Given that windows make up such a large percentage of a conservatory, that’s perhaps not too surprising. Many conservatories may already have double-glazed windows, but a lot of heat is still lost through old windows. In the summer, old-style double-glazing can also cause a conservatory to heat up to uncomfortable temperatures.
Replacing the windows in a conservatory with the latest thermally efficient double-glazing is another great way to improve the insulation of a conservatory. The biggest downside is the cost: as there are several windows in even a small conservatory, replacing them all can see costs mount up quickly. Plus, it’s not always possible to replace the existing windows without disrupting the structure or frame of the conservatory. Replacing the windows will improve the thermal efficiency of a conservatory but can often prove too costly for many UK homeowners.

Conservatory floor insulation

Just as with your home, heat can be lost through the floor of your conservatory too. Laying thick rugs and carpets can help make the space feel warmer under foot, but for the best results, it is possible to add floor insulation to a conservatory. The most common method is to use an insulation board such as Celotex or similar, which is laid directly on top of the conservatory base to provide a thermal barrier between the ground and the interior floor.
This a great way to further insulate your conservatory, but there are a number of drawbacks to be aware of before you begin. Firstly, installation may also mean you need to completely replace the flooring or carpets if they cannot be lifted and re-laid successfully. As the floor level is effectively being raised, you also need to pay attention to any doors to ensure they still open and close correctly.

The best way to insulate a conservatory

Replacing the windows with modern double-glazing and adding insulation to the floor will help further insulate a conservatory, but none of them will have the same impact as insulating the roof. An insulated conservatory roof is the best pound-for-pound upgrade when it comes to conservatory insulation.

installation team working on roofBenefits of insulated conservatory roofs

Installing an insulated conservatory roof has several benefits, including:

• It will add value to your home
• It will help save on heating bills
• It will provide a comfortable temperature inside, regardless of the conditions outside
• It converts your conservatory into a space that’s usable all year round

It’s much cheaper, quicker, and easier to install than a replacement conservatory roof.

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