Do you have a conservatory installed at your home? Is it too cold in winter and too hot in summer? Would you like to transform your conservatory into a year-round usable living space? If this sounds like you, have you considered conservatory roof insulation?

Conservatory roof insulation for different conservatory roofsclose up of thermal installation

Conservatory roofs are usually made of either glass, polycarbonate, or tiles. All three materials have their own unique benefits. Unfortunately, they can all, also be prone to problems with performance. If your conservatory roof is not well insulated, whatever material it is made from, it will create a weak point from where heat can escape.

At Kingswood Insulated Conservatory Roofs, we can help to enhance your conservatory roof’s performance, regardless of the material it’s made from. We have installed our high performing insulation on glass, polycarbonate, and tiled roofs, and have achieved excellent results with all three roof materials.

Benefits of conservatory roof insulation

For glass and tiled roofs, the additional insulation provided by Kingswood will help to maximise your conservatory’s heat retention capacity. No longer will it be far too hot in summer and way too cold in winter. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable ambient temperature all year round.

The same is true for polycarbonate roofs. These types of conservatory roofs were often viewed as old fashioned. Many people wrongly believe that the only thing to do with a polycarbonate roof was replace it with a glass or tiled alternative. With Kingswood roof insulation, however, you can transform your polycarbonate roof’s performance to match that of modern glass roofs.

Outstanding acoustic roof insulation

One of the main problems with polycarbonate roofs was their poor acoustic insulating capacity. Whenever it rains, the noise inside can be very loud and annoying. Fortunately, Kingswood roof insulation provides excellent sound insulation. With a Kingswood conservatory roof upgrade, your polycarbonate conservatory roof will be insulated against both heat loss and noise penetration to create a warm and peaceful interior living environment.

Whatever material your conservatory roof is made from, conservatory roof insulation is an excellent way to improve your home’s energy efficiency performance. It is simple and cost-effective and can dramatically improve your standard of living and help you to save money on reduced heating bills.

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