With fuel and energy prices rising, increasing numbers of homeowners across the South East are investing in an insulated conservatory roof. Refreshing, energy efficient, and low maintenance, with the race to net-zero more real than ever, these types of roofs for conservatories have become the first choice as an ideal alternative to costly tiled roof replacements for good reason.

But what exactly is an insulated conservatory roof, and can it really lower the amount of energy you use to permanently reduce energy bills?… Let’s investigate this hot topic together!

Efficient roofs for conservatories | What is an insulated conservatory roof?

A modern insulated conservatory roof involves installing layers of insulating SF19 foil and high-performance cladding to the inside of the existing conservatory ceiling. A much cheaper alternative to a replacement conservatory roof (average price: £5k) or rebuilding the conservatory from scratch (average price: £13K), this type of conservatory roof insulation is designed to prevent heat from escaping while being as minimally intrusive as possible. With most insulated conservatory roof refurbishments completed in just one day, it’s hardly surprising they have now become the ‘go to’ conservatory refurbishment, suiting a variety of busy lifestyles and building types across Norfolk, East Anglia, and London.

Enhancing any size or style of conservatory, you will also be pleased to learn that our insulated conservatory roofs are constructed from 40% recycled materials, making it one of the most eco- friendly conservatory roofing solutions around.

How much can an insulated conservatory roof save you?

Accountable for a considerable amount of wasted energy, an insulated conservatory roof really can make a difference when you realise:

  • Around 80% of the heat that enters your conservatory comes from the roof
  • The average UK energy bill is £1,971 per year
  • The price cap is predicted to rise by 65% this October
  • Tiled roof conservatories must meet a minimum U-value of 0.15 W/m²K to comply with the latest Building Regulation changes in England (as of 15th June 2022)
  • Overall, conservatories must achieve a minimum U-value of 1.5
  • 80% of buyers are on the look out for an energy efficient home.

light and airy interior of conservatory

Fully glazed conservatory savings

If you have a completely glazed conservatory, for a 4m x 5m layout you will need around 3kW to adequately heat it through winter. Requiring around 2.7kW to stay warm, improve it with a lightweight internal insulation system and you are looking at notable energy savings of 3-5%.

Solid conservatory roof savings

Solid roof conservatories need around 2.5kw to heat, delivering savings of 16%-20% by adding modern internal insulation.

Does insulating a conservatory roof add value?

Although it’s tough to put an exact figure on how much of an increase an insulated conservatory roof can have, largely dependent on the conservatory size and specific project requirements, increasing kerb appeal could add up to 10% to your home’s value. Plus, once the conservatory has been properly insulated, making it open plan to welcome the outside in may be next on your list of home improvements, which is able to add 3%-5% to the resale value. With this in mind, the average house price in Chelmsford was £396,625 last year. So, insulating your glass conservatory definitely has the potential to deliver notable savings further down the line.

Another prominent difference between insulated conservatory roofs and tiled conservatory roofs is that with tiles there is a real risk of weighing down the conservatory roof, which could eventually lead to significant and irreparable levels of damage. Modern insulated conservatory roofs (like ours!) are a much more lightweight option and include robust fixings that are attached to the initial roof’s rafters to prevent the roof from sagging further down the line.

Insulated roof vs glass roof – which is best?

installation team working on roof

When it comes to comparing old glass conservatory roofs with modern insulated conservatory roofing, the benefits are patently clear to see. Cost-effective, efficient, safe, private, and versatile, as evidenced above, insulating your conservatory roof can deliver fantastic returns on investment too. Acting as its own vapour control layer, this unique feature prevents damaging moisture penetration and improves the overall airtightness of the structure. Even better, providing minimal loss to the height of the ceiling, our insulated conservatory roofs can give the exquisite look of a permanent extension without any of the extra hassle involved.

Other than aesthetic and thermal insulation improvements, one of the most noticeable benefits of an insulated conservatory roof upgrade is the difference in noise insulation it brings. Integrating cutting-edge noise insulation technology, outdoor traffic and loud rain or hail preventing you from relaxing in your conservatory space will soon be a distant memory.

Furthermore, old glass conservatory roofs do not reflect the sun’s heat away in the same way that our insulated conservatory roof solutions do. Acting as a radiant barrier, our industry-leading conservatory roof insulation will also protect your conservatory furniture from fading and bleaching, while simultaneously removing that annoying glare from the sun.

Old glass roofs Kingswood Insulated Conservatory Roofs
Affordable installation X
Attractive appearance X
Good noise insulation X
Efficient thermal insulation X
Resistant to damage X
Lightweight X
More privacy X
No sun bleaching X

Why choose our insulated conservatory roofs?

Helping you to gain full control over your conservatory space, as you can see, our innovative insulated conservatory roofs tick all the boxes when it comes to outstanding performance and striking aesthetics.

Quickly compare conservatory roof materials

Old polycarbonate roofs Old glass roofs Replacement tile roofs Kingswood Insulated Conservatory Roofs
Affordable installation X X
Attractive appearance X X
Good noise insulation X X
Efficient thermal insulation X X
Resistant to damage X X X
Lightweight X X X

What do our customers say?…

An excellent product our conservatory…

interior of conservatory roofing

An excellent product our conservatory is now a perfect temperature even in 30 degree heat – the service was great, the price excellent value and was installed in under five hours by really nice chaps who left the place immaculate. Would recommend to anyone.

Brilliant investment…

We decided to have our conservatory roof insulated as the summer sunlight made it unbearable to sit inside. After checking out the company video on the website we decided to have them come and do the work. The tradesman that fitted the conservatory insulation were very efficient and done a magnificent job. We were extremely pleased with the finished product, and would have no hesitation in recommending the company to others.

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Minimise disruption and maximise satisfaction with an insulated conservatory roof

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