So, you’ve just completed a conservatory refurbishment. You’ve upgraded the roof, and you’ve invested in conservatory ceiling insulation. All you need now are a few finishing touches.

Handily, it’s very simple to introduce a new look into an existing conservatory, even on a low budget. If you’ve already added an insulated conservatory roof, and you’re already enjoying the cosiness of interior cladding, you’re on the perfect way to a practical and personalised living space.

Here are our favourite interior idea to give your old conservatory space a new lease of life

A thermaroof in a white conservatory

Choose your new conservatory colours

Adding a splash of colour to your conservatory sounds obvious, yet so many of us live with the typical white frames of conservatory windows. Specialist paints – from any DIY outlet – allow you to change the hue of the window frames, whether they’re made from uPVC, wood or aluminium. An easy and cost-effective home improvement.

Personalise your newly refurbished conservatory with a feature wall

With a room surrounded by glazing, your conservatory may have one solid wall and enough space to create a feature wall. So why not go large – adorning it in glitzy wallpaper, hanging a dynamic print or displaying a range of your favourite family portraits.

Go softly

Simple soft furnishings create an air of cosiness in any conservatory. Luxurious throws, sumptuous cushions and heavily textured rugs let you throw off your shoes and snuggle up in a stylishly warm environment – the perfect complement to the improved thermal performance of your new roof or recently-fitted roof insulation.

light and airy interior of conservatory

Get the modern look with the right lighting

Mood lighting can be a great way to create a magical atmosphere in your conservatory for late-evening relaxation, while trendy exposed bulbs or movie-set lighting may brighten the image of any conservatory. It also makes your conservatory ideal for settling down with a good book. Even in the daytime, the natural light in a conservatory can feel more homely with stylish or sparkling pendants, LEDs, table lamps and spotlights, so consider adding some as part of your renovation.

Refresh or upgrade your furniture

Gone are the days when wicker was the only choice for UK homeowners to use as conservatory furniture. Today, we may repurpose our conservatories as kitchens, studies and dining rooms, yet when retaining its original purpose as a simple sitting room it’s easy to reinvigorate your ageing chairs and tables with a splash of colour. It’s a perfect example of upcycling too.

Personalise your conservatory as a hobby room

Are you a stamp collector? Perhaps a sci-fi enthusiast? Whatever your passion, your conservatory is the ideal place to inject your own personality into the decor, and your conservatory refurbishment ideas can reflect this. So whether that’s a rock ’n’ roll jukebox or a coffee table made from cake tins, a nod to your hobby lets you find your own comfort zone within a communal space.

Can I add houseplants to my conservatory?

You don’t need a greenhouse or orangery to enjoy a garden room: introducing a selection of houseplants into your conservatory can add a dash of colour and fragrance to the room, while fruit and veg can be grown in small pots – for your very own self-sufficiency.

Just be mindful that anything that increases the moisture levels in the air may introduce unwanted condensation too.

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Fit the right curtains and blinds to help save on energy bills

Creating warmth in winter and restricting direct sunlight during summer, it’s vital to choose curtains and blinds for practicality and your personality. Pick simple, natural colours to keep the conservatory usable all year round, preferably floor-length for minimum heat loss. Adding blinds to block the sun makes your conservatory a perfect retreat come rain or shine.

Before you look at interior refurbishment, first you need to make sure is well insulated so you can enjoy the space all year round. At Kingswood, we offer an alternative to a full conservatory roof replacement that utilises the existing glass or polycarbonate roof and upvc frames, for more information on how our insulated conservatory roof upgrades can transform your existing conservatory send us a message or call us on 0800 158 8832 today

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