The thought of a conservatory often puts homeowners in mind of having lavish extra space, better light entry, and an overall increase in property value. However, one aspect that too often gets overlooked is the necessity to keep that conservatory comfortable all year round. After all, what good is that extended space if you’re unable to stay warm in winter and cool in Summer? The most common solution relates to the conservatory’s roof – but even then, there’s still a choice to make.

Insulated conservatory roof or tiled conservatory roof replacement? You’ve probably heard of the latter, being the most traditional. However, in this blog we’ll discuss why insulating your existing polycarbonate or glass roof should never be discounted.

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Why is a conservatory’s roof so important?

If you have a problem with temperature in your existing conservatory or want to stamp out any issues with your new one, the roof is always the first aspect to consider due to the way heat works. Heat rises, and therefore the worse your conservatory roof, the more likelihood there is that it will be able to escape. We obviously don’t want that to happen because it means an uncomfortable atmosphere or a higher reliance on central heating. On older conservatories, a polycarbonate roof is traditionally installed, and these are notoriously poor when it comes to thermal efficiency, which is why the home improvement industry – over many decades – has tried to perfect a series of more energy-efficient solid and tiled roof conservatory options.

We at Kingswood always recommend homeowners to consider the Insulated Conservatory Roof over most other solid construction solutions. Why? Because it’s a worry-free, effective way to trap heat in your extended living space without causing too much hassle.

Our roof conversion works by fitting a thermal barrier to the underside of your conservatory roof, working expertly to balance a comfortable temperature all year round. That means being able to stay cool in Summer and appropriately warm in winter – the thermal barrier smartly works both ways.

Insulated Conservatory Roofs combine this method with what’s known as Super Foil, which comes certified by the UK’s leading building authorities to be a leading lightweight, performance insulating material. Super Foil sits snug between the exterior of your conservatory’s roof and the underside panelling to quickly get to work in a way that’s unnoticeable but still extremely effective. An Insulated Conservatory Roof can generally be installed in just a day for existing structures and doesn’t require any building regulations, saving you time and causing less stress when compared to a traditional tiled conservatory roof system or solid conservatory roof. It’s the most environmentally friendly and usually more cost-effective choice out of the two options, too.

  • Swift turnaround
  • Multi-layered system to trap heat
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Suitable for new and existing conservatories
  • Expert temperature balancing throughout the year
  • Certified Super Foil
  • U-values as low as 0.1 W/M2k

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Tiled conservatory roof replacement – the problems

Almost for as long as conservatories have existed, so too have tiled roof systems. Most are great to look at and will modernise the appearance of your conservatory, will help with noise reduction (especially against rainfall) and can actually do a pretty good job at preventing heat loss (same as insulated conservatory roofs). But alongside their pros, they do have a few cons too. For one, the sheer weight of the slate tiles isn’t ideal, especially when fitted onto a conservatory primarily engineered using uPVC. Then you have the inherent cost, which is typically expensive compared to a standard glass conservatory roof. Finally, there’s the fact that creating a new tiled roof takes time. Layering the tiles safely and smartly is a big job, and the longer it takes to fit, the longer it is until you can start enjoying the benefits a solid roof style brings.

  • Often the most expensive conservatory roof option
  • A tiled roof takes time to fit properly
  • May require structural changes to your existing conservatory

A thermaroof in a white conservatory

Insulated conservatory roof vs tiled conservatory roof replacement – which one is better?

If you’re looking for a fast, efficient, and effective alternative solution to a tiled replacement roof, our retro-fitted insulation solution is perhaps the best way to go. It achieves similar U-values, is durable, features a thermal protective barrier (that works both ways) to keep the temperatures down during summer and lower your heating bills during winter, and is incredibly quick to install. Not to mention that insulated conservatory roofs installed by Kingswood are often incredibly cost-effective for most homeowners compared to other options. For all these reasons and more, insulated conservatory roofs would be our go-to choice.

Start enjoying your conservatory like never before with an insulated roof from Kingswood

If you’re still curious about the benefits an insulated conservatory roof can bring to your home’s extended living space, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. We’d be happy to discuss options and a quite is entirely free for anyone who fills out our online form.

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