Are you thinking about upgrading your conservatory? Do you want to enhance your existing conservatory to create a comfortable extended living area that can attain an ambient temperature despite the weather conditions? Have you narrowed down your options to either insulating or replacing your existing conservatory roof? If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Benefits of insulating your existing conservatory roofkingwood team working together to install thermal roofing installation

Conservatory roof insulation is an effective method of improving your conservatory’s energy efficiency performance. It is quick and hassle free and will have a noticeable impact on the heat retention capacity of your glazed extension. The benefits of conservatory roof insulation include:

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Compatible with all conservatory styles
  • Significantly improves heat retention
  • 40% recycled materials
  • Protects against solar heat gain
  • Attractive interior aesthetic
  • Cost-effective

At Kingswood Insulated Conservatory Roofs, we install high performing conservatory roof insulation. Using a combination of certified foil insulation and lightweight ceiling panels, our insulation is safe and effective and a great way to improve your conservatory’s performance.

Benefits of replacing your existing conservatory roof

If you’re thinking about replacing your existing conservatory roof, there are several options. Each option provides its own specific benefits. Modern glass roofs will improve thermal performance but can be expensive and the installation process will be disruptive to your home life.

Tiled roofs help to increase privacy and improve energy efficiency but are also expensive. Your conservatory may also need additional structural support to cope with the extra weight adding more to the cost and complexity of the project.

Insulate or replace – which is best?

Insulating your conservatory roof is far more cost-effective than installing a replacement. It is also quicker and will cause far less disruption to your home life. In terms of thermal performance, insulating a glass conservatory roof can help you to save as much as 5% on your annual energy bills. For insulated tiled roofs, this figure can increase to between 16% and 20%.
Adding insulation to your conservatory roof can also increase your property’s market value by up to 10%. This is a huge increase for only a day’s work. As you can see, conservatory insulation is an excellent choice. It is simple and effective and far less disruptive than a full roof replacement project.

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