For those of you who have had a conservatory for many years you will know the issues of them being too cold in winter and too hot in summer. It’s been a problem for years and keeping the temperature constant has been an issue.

The thought of a conservatory often puts homeowners in mind of having lavish extra space, better light entry, and an overall increase in property value.

However, one aspect that too often gets overlooked is the necessity to keep that conservatory comfortable all year round.

After all, what good is that extended space if you’re unable to stay warm in winter and cool in Summer? The most common solution relates to the conservatory’s roof – but even then, there’s still a choice to make.

Insulated conservatory roof or tiled conservatory roof replacement? You’ve probably heard of the latter, being the most traditional. However, in this blog we’ll discuss why insulating your existing polycarbonate or glass roof should never be discounted.

Is it worth insulating a conservatory roof?

Of course, the majority of UK homeowners fit conservatory roof insulation in order to save money on energy bills. It’s reckoned that a vast proportion of your conservatory’s warmth rises straight out through a traditional glass or polycarbonate roof, which in turn leads to occupants cranking up the heating.

Our certified high-performance foil insulation guarantees significantly less heat loss through your existing conservatory roof, meaning it’ll be warmer without you having to overwork your central heating or resort to pricey electric heaters. And your energy bills will be radically reduced.

installation team working on conservatory roofclose up of conservatory roof thermal installation kingwood team working together to install thermal roofing installation light and airy interior of conservatory

Insulated conservatory roof vs tiled conservatory roof replacement – which one is better?

If you’re looking for a fast, efficient, and effective alternative solution to a tiled replacement roof, our retro-fitted insulation solution is perhaps the best way to go. It achieves similar U-values, is durable, features a thermal protective barrier (that works both ways) to keep the temperatures down during summer and lower your heating bills during winter, and is incredibly quick to install. Not to mention that insulated conservatory roofs installed by Kingswood are often incredibly cost-effective for most homeowners compared to other options. For all these reasons and more, insulated conservatory roofs would be our go-to choice.

Start enjoying your conservatory like never before with an insulated roof from Kingswood

If you’re still curious about the benefits an insulated conservatory roof can bring to your home’s extended living space, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. We’d be happy to discuss options and a quite is entirely free for anyone who fills out our online form.

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