Conservatories have always been popular with UK homeowners. Offering fantastic views of the outside, conservatories are a great way to bring some of that outdoor living experience indoors when the typically British inclement weather stops play. They can make for excellent dining rooms, a place to relax and enjoy the garden views, or simply to expand your home’s usable space.

Only, they’re not always usable, are they? Often, the space is too cold to enjoy during the winter months and heating it will only add to the already high energy prices UK homeowners are facing. Worse still, when the weather does brighten up, a glazed conservatory can heat the room so much it becomes unbearably hot; far from the comfortable relaxing environment to soak up the summertime views of the garden.

But it needn’t be. And it needn’t take weeks of work to rectify. Our conservatory roof insulation addresses many of the drawbacks of a traditional conservatory and can be added to an existing conservatory roof, making it significantly cheaper than a complete conservatory roof replacement. What’s more, it’s a quick and easy job for the right team of specialists – our expert installers can complete most installations in just one day.

close up of thermal installationHow conservatory roof insulation is installed

Any conservatory, of any design or size – including those with glazed or polycarbonate roofs – can benefit from our conservatory roof insulation. And, because we don’t need to remove and replace your existing conservatory roof, our conservatory ceiling insulation can be installed in just one day. This reduces disruption and means you can get on with your daily routine without any undue stress. It also means you’re just one day away from enjoying a warmer, insulated conservatory.

The installation process is very quick, and our installers are usually in and out on the same day. Our experts will come and take precise measurements of your existing conservatory roof ahead of installation, that way we can minimise the time taken in your home.

Our installers will clear the area of any furniture or valuables and protect everything against any dust and debris that might be created. Then they attach fixings to your existing roof rafters to provide anchor points for the highly-efficient foil insulation pieces that are fitted next.

The insulation foil is cut to size to ensure it completely covers the internal surface area of your old roof. It is then fully sealed to offer maximum performance.

Finally, the insulation is covered by a layer of high-performance, lightweight interior cladding. This provides a low-maintenance and contemporary finish to complete the upgrade.

The whole installation usually takes less than a day from start to finish.

installation team working on roofWhy install an insulated conservatory roof?

The main advantage is that conservatory roof insulation will help keep your conservatory warmer during winter and cooler during summer, and will reduce the noise levels all year round.

Conservatory roof insulation can also help reduce your energy bills too.

How Kingswood Insulated Conservatory Roofs can help you

Banish the days of your conservatory being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer and get in touch to see how an insulated conservatory roof can improve your home.

Take a look at reviews from some of our happy customers to see how we have helped similar homeowners throughout East Anglia, London and the South East transform their conservatories into beautiful spaces that can be enjoyed all year long.

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