Do you have a conservatory installed at your home? Is it prone to problems with exterior noise? Would you like a simple and effective solution to transform your conservatory into a calm and quiet extended living area? If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Insulated conservatory roofs for better sound insulationnew replacement conservatory roof

Noise pollution is often a secondary consideration after thermal performance. Many products seek to improve energy efficiency but overlook acoustic insulation. Fortunately, at Kingswood Insulated Conservatory Roofs, you get the best of both worlds.

Our conservatory roof insulation provides excellent levels of acoustic insulation. The high-performance insulating foil which is designed to keep heat inside your conservatory also has the additional benefit of reducing noise transmission. When combined with the layer of lightweight cladding, exterior noise penetration is significantly reduced to create a peaceful interior living environment.

Create an effective sound barrier with conservatory roof insulation

Conservatory roof insulation seals the roof, putting in place a barrier against sound, heat, and moisture. The multiple layered construction (roof glass, foil insulation, lightweight cladding) combines to effectively block sound waves as they try to pass through the conservatory roof into your home.

Between the layers of different materials, sounds from outside are dampened and substantially reduced. This lessens the amount of sound that can penetrate the interior of your conservatory. Finally, the layer of cladding helps to contain any exterior sound within the insulating structure further protecting against sound penetration.

Conservatory roof insulation for a quieter home

As you can see, conservatory roof insulation can certainly help to make your conservatory quieter. It is an effective sound barrier and offers a range of other benefits including quick and easy installation, reduced UV penetration, and lower energy bills.

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