Home insulation isn’t just about saving money on heating bills – with an insulated conservatory roof, you could also make a tidy profit when you come to sell your home. Indeed, property values are reckoned to be significantly higher – up to ten per cent – when would-be buyers recognise the benefits of insulated conservatories over the drawbacks of an old-fashioned conservatory with a polycarbonate or glass roof.

But it’s not just about kerb appeal – although it certainly helps. A freshly-finished insulated conservatory roof looks splendid from inside and out with the subtle gloss finish of our white uPVC cladding. And with our slimline (2in/50mm) conservatory insulation system fitted to the contours of your existing conservatory roof, it adds a wow factor to the interior.

The fact is that buyers, when assessing a potential property purchase, want to see themselves in place, living happily in this home. Many people who have previously experienced a traditional conservatory will be blighted by negative thoughts such as high heating bills in winter and excessive sun in summer. Some may see no value in a conservatory, while others might even envisage it as a problem waiting to happen – with the associated costs.

It’s not an idea you want to put into a buyer’s head.

Instead, it’s far more sensible to make the most of your conservatory, and let it work for you.

A thermaroof in a white conservatory

Is it worth insulating a conservatory roof?

Of course, the majority of UK homeowners fit conservatory roof insulation in order to save money on energy bills. It’s reckoned that a vast proportion of your conservatory’s warmth rises straight out through a traditional glass or polycarbonate roof, which in turn leads to occupants cranking up the heating.

Our certified high-performance foil insulation guarantees significantly less heat loss through your existing conservatory roof, meaning it’ll be warmer without you having to overwork your central heating or resort to pricey electric heaters. And your energy bills will be radically reduced.

Environmentally-friendly and kind to your wallet

Such massive losses are as bad for the environment as they are for your bank account; thankfully, the energy efficiency benefits of conservatory roof insulation are reflected in a reduction of your carbon footprint. What’s more, our conservatory roof insulation is made from 40 per cent-recycled materials, making it one of the most planet-friendly roofing systems on the market.

So, no longer will your conservatory be an energy vacuum – with roof insulation it will become a stylish and sustainable part of a more eco-friendly home. And with conservatory roof insulation, your home will be more desirable to climate-aware buyers who are keen to make their home kind to the environment.

Of course, any would-be home-buyer needs to see the practicalities of daily living within their potential property purchase. And with an insulated conservatory roof, they’ll view a room with huge potential to be a flexible living space for the entire family.

light and airy interior of conservatory

Versatile space thanks to conservatory roof insulation

Unlike a traditional glass or polycarbonate roof, a conservatory with an insulated roof is extremely versatile. The revolutionary multi-layer construction of our conservatory roof insulation reflects the direct glare of the sun, while its ultra-efficient thermal insulation properties maintain the temperature of your conservatory all year round.

So, whereas an old-fashioned roof will make the conservatory too cold in winter, our insulated roof’s layer of SF19 superfoil insulation will slow the rate of thermal transfusion through the conservatory, ensuring that heat stays inside the home.

Typically, conservatories tend to be too hot in summer due to sunlight beating through the clear roof, which even blinds and fans can’t prevent. But unlike a glass roof, our roof solution reduces solar heat gain, helping your conservatory to maintain a comfortable temperature. And, as it acts as a radiant barrier, the roof will protect your furniture from UV-ray damage, such as fading and bleaching – offering many of the benefits of a solid roof at a fraction of the price.

Kingswood insulated conservatory roofs use only premium materials

What’s more, because our insulated roof solution is engineered from premium materials, its semi-gloss finish reflects the natural light from your conservatory. This ensures you don’t see any loss of light following installation, keeping your space bright and airy – at a fraction of the cost of a new conservatory roof, and with none of the mess or inconvenience.

As a happy bonus, our insulated conservatory roofing includes higher standards of noise insulation than any traditional glass roof, meaning inclement weather and traffic from busy roads will be dampened down during any property viewing – always a bonus for would-be buyers.

kingwood team working together to install thermal roofing installation

Will I add value to my home by insulating my conservatory roof?

So, is it a sensible investment to upgrade your conservatory roof? Absolutely. While you could leave your money in a high-interest savings account, speculate on the stock market or invest in art, you won’t recoup the practicality benefits of an insulated conservatory roof. Nor would you gain the increase in your property value when purchasers are impressed by all the benefits of an insulated conservatory roof.

As for the best way to insulate your conservatory roof, our insulation can be added to any existing roof (including both traditional glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs) and can be installed in just one day; unlike other types of roof replacement, you can start enjoying the benefits of your new warm roof later that very same day. Check out the reviews from our many happy customers.

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